Radiant Heat Installation


What is radiant heating? It’s a heating system installed in your home that works a little differently than traditional installations. Warm water – generally from 80 degrees to 140 degrees – is circulated through flexible, durable PEX tubing embedded in the floor.

After this tubing is installed, the floor becomes a large radiator and circulates warmth to the walls and objects throughout the rooms in your home. As these objects become heated, you experience less heat loss because your possessions have absorbed this heat and are now passively radiating it out to you, which is a more efficient and cost effective way to keep comfortable during colder months. The specially trained service team at Applewood is staffed by experts at installing these systems, making the process from chilly to warm easier than ever.

The Top 3 Benefits of Installing Radiant Heat in Your Home

  1. It wastes less heat! Since warm air rises wastefully to the ceiling with traditional convection methods instead of being spread out evenly across the walls and objects in a room, radiant heat systems are able to create a lot less lost warmth.
  2. It’s aesthetically pleasing! You don’t have to worry about unsightly and potentially dangerous (especially for homes with pets or children) heating equipment when you install a radiant heat system, since everything is tucked away safely beneath your floor.
  3. It saves you money in the long run! Forced air heating systems pull cold air from the outside to warm inside and spread throughout a home. This system has a number of problems that radiant heat doesn’t. Namely, there are potential duct leaks, increased costs due to the energy wasted heating cold air, and decreased humidity. With radiant heat systems, all of these potential issues are gone.