Sewer scopes and inspections

can't figure out the problem? a video inspection of your main line can find the problem fast. 

Your water pressure is low. Your toilets are backed up and it seems your plumbing is in disarray. Call My Denver Plumber or you may get stuck using a dishonest plumber who will charge you for unnecessary services.

Work with My Denver Plumber and we will continue, as we have for over 20 years, to provide honest and professional plumbing service with up-front pricing in Denver. We can quickly diagnose your problem using our state-of-the-art sewer scoping machine.

You may have one of the following...

Offset pipes

Offset pipes cause big problems for the sewer line. Offset pipes are caused by the ground shifting or moving over time. These are both horizontal and vertical shift in the sewer pipes. After even 4 inches of earth movement, your sewer pipes can become offset which disrupts the proper flow of the sewer line.

Tree roots

Tree roots are a very common problem for home owners here in Denver. We have a beautiful landscape here in Denver but our majestic giant trees can become a problem. Trees are uncanny at finding water, even in your sewer line. Over many years, tree roots breach sewer lines and disrupt your flow of water and waste.

Belly Piping

Like offset pipes, belly piping is caused by erosion. As erosion changes the ground, the earth may rise or fall causing big problems for your sewer pipe. Pooling is one of many common symptoms of belly piping.

Broken pipes

As homes age, so does the plumbing. Old and warn pipes can break under moving soil, erosion and other causes. These aren't easy to find at first but once a plumbing problem arises, these broken sewer pipes can become a huge problem. My Denver Plumber can find these fast.