Digital Thermostat Installation


Digital Thermostat Installation fin Denver, CO and the Surrounding Metro

If you have been wondering whether or not you need a new thermostat, chances are that you do. Many Denver homes still use mercury thermostats, which are hazardous to both the environment and your health. There’s no need to worry, however, because My Denver Plumber has access to and expertise in the latest and greatest digital, programmable thermostats on the market and can get one installed in your home easily and affordably.

In fact, several digital thermostats are now made to imitate the round, vintage design of the mercury-filled thermostats, but without the mercury! As one of the many money-saving, efficient heating services provided by My Denver Plumber, digital thermostat installation is a perfect next step toward more efficient home temperature control.

The Top 3 Benefits of Installing a Digital, Programmable Thermostat

  1. It will save you money on your energy bills. Energy costs are important to all homeowners. With heating prices on the rise, several of the thermostats offered by Applewood are designed to conserve energy by specific percentages through the accuracy of pre-programmed settings.
  2. They give you more precise temperature control. Technology continues to advance, and thermostats are no different. Today’s digital thermostats use electronic controls to achieve precise temperature performance and optimal comfort in your home. We specialize in installing these talking thermostats that can actually speak to you and let you know when there is a problem or service needed.
  3. They’re easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Electronic circuitry, soft-touch push buttons, and large, easy-to-read backlit displays make temperature control effortless. Soft shapes and neutral colors allow these thermostats to fit any decor.

Replace Your Old Thermostat with An Efficient, Programmable One

A programmable thermostat automatically sets back the temperature in your home based upon a predetermined schedule, while a non-programmable thermostat will stay at the same temperature 24 hours a day. This means that you never have to worry about fiddling with dials a dozen times a day and instead create your customized settings once and then you’re good to go.

Programmable thermostats, like the ones available for installation from My Denver Plumber, contribute to overall system performance, maximizing energy savings while providing complete comfort control. Offering set-it-and-forget-it programming, programmable thermostats make energy savings automatic.