Whole House Humidifier Installation


Remove Dry Winter Blues with a Whole House Humidifier Installation

There’s a science to managing comfort in your Denver home, and My Denver Plumber knows just how to do it. Denver experiences dry air all year long, with even drier air during the winter months. Dry air , most prominent in the winter seasons, can have many negative effects on our bodies including dry skin, nosebleeds, increased asthma symptoms and vulnerability to infections..

Below 30% relative humidity, people can be uncomfortable and can suffer from dry mucus membranes which can lead to nosebleeds and infections. Low humidity can also aggravate the symptoms of asthma and high humidity at high temperatures can sometimes lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Luckily, the team at My Denver Plumber can help you avoid these potential problems by helping you choose the right whole house humidifier for your home. Determining the right size humidifier for your home can be determined by a long list of different needs. For those large family homes and people looking for increased control of interior moisture levels who spend the whole day in their house and for larger families with several bedroom homes, a whole-house humidifier can ensures balanced humidity levels and reliable comfort throughout the home.

Whole house humidifiers are installed in the ductwork and placed next to your furnace. They use heated air from the furnace to evaporate water, which then gets circulated through the home. Most whole house humidifiers automatically adjust to a specially programmed moisture level that is appropriate for a home in the Denver area..

6 Major Benefits of Installing a Whole House Humidifier

  1. Sleeping in an environment with proper humidity levels can reduces your sinus issues and dry skin, allowing you to go about your winter day without being irritated by dry air side effects.
  2. Increasing your home’s humidity percentage to between 30 and 50 percent makes the air feel warmer, allowing the thermostat to be significantly lowered by as much as eight degrees.
  3. Dry air can induce shocks from excess static electricity, damage in-home furnishings, and decor. Having a humidifier allows you to better protect the things inside your home that are most important to you.
  4. The A whole house humidifier only utilizes 1.5 to 12 gallons of water per day, which is a small investment for a large benefit an insignificant amount that won’t make a noticeable difference on your water bill.
  5. Humidifiers help fight sickness because being able to control the amount of moisture in your air allows you to halt the development of the types of dust and mold that lead to the most common viruses.
  6. Whole house humidifiers require much less maintenance than smaller units because filters are replaced only once per year, during the cold season.